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My Content

My Content allows you to collect, organize, share and retrieve your favorite Discovery Education media resources, assignments, quizzes and writing prompts in one convenient place.

Learn more about My Content by clicking on the links below.

Add a folder
Add media resources
Access student results
Copy content
Delete content
Enable sharing
Edit content
Move content
Share content

Located in the navigation bar at the top of the screen, My Content is accessible from anywhere on the site.


The purpose of My Content is to bookmark resources to avoid searching for it again.  You can easily find your content by selecting to view a specific content type.  Select from the View By dropdown for a listing of content types.



Content can be alphabetically sorted by clicking on Type, Title, and Created within the My Content header to help locate your content.   


Please note that adding resources to My Content does not initiate play or download. All files and projects are stored on the Discovery Education servers.