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Enable closed captioning while playing videos

In order to view closed captioning, make sure to select a video with closed captioning, which is identified by the CCbutton.png closed captioning icon.



On the video player, click the Closed Caption CCbutton.png button and choose Caption Settings. You will be presented with the Captions Settings box.


Under Foreground, choose the color you would like for the text. Traditionally, white or yellow are used, but you have a variety of colors to choose from if you wish. You can also choose whether they are Opaque, or Semi-Opaque.

Simply adjusting the Foreground setting is enough to provide perfectly legible captions, but feel free to experiment with the other options for a more customized caption experience.

Font size adjusts the size of the text, and Text Edge Style gives you multiple options for styling the text outline, such as raised, depressed, uniform, and drop shadow.

You can choose the Background and Window color as well, along with adjusting their opacity, but by default, black is automatically shown beneath the text.

When you have completed customizing your captions, click the Done button. Your preferences will be saved, and applied to any other captioned videos you wish to view.

You will need to choose the English option each time you wish to initiate caption playback on a video title, so don’t forget to click it after the video begins playing.

To display the captions with your customizations, simply click the Closed Caption CCbutton.png button again and choose English.