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Creating Student Accounts as a Teacher

Teachers can create individual student accounts and administrators can bulk import student accounts within the admin site.  Please note that students should have only one username and password.

Teacher-Created Student Accounts
Access the Classroom Manager from anywhere on the site by clicking on "My Classes" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

1.    Click on the My Classrooms link under the Classroom Manager drop down from the menu bar.  This is where you will view all of your classes once they have been built.



2.    Click on the “Create a Class” link to build a classroom. You can build more than one using this link.


3.    Enter the class information under step 1. We suggest adding the school year to the class name. Note: students will be able to see the class name that you created.


4.    Click on the “Add New Students” tab under step 2 and enter the student’s information.  To add more students, click the green plus sign at the bottom next to “Add Row.” Your district/school requires that usernames be ________ (eg. Enter example) and passwords be ________. Click “Add New Students” once completed.


5.    Students will then be added to step 3 titled “Review and Save.” Click “Save” once all students have been created and added to the class. The class will now be listed under My Classes in the Classroom Manager section.



Note: Fields with asterisks (*) are required fields and cannot be left blank.

Admins can learn how to import student user accounts by clicking here.